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November 24, 2013

What Types of Items Can be Screen Printed?

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Screen printing is an excellent choice if you have a large quantity of items that require a logo printed on them. Great Atlantic Outfitters provides quality screen printing services for our customers, and although we are located in the Sunshine State, our services are offered to businesses, organizations and individual customers from around the world.

Many of our customers want to know what types of items can be screen printed. T-shirts and other clothing items are the most common products to be screen printed, but we can do many, many more. In fact, with the versatility of screen printing, it’s possible to use the technique on just about anything.

Here is a list of the types of items that can be screen printed.

From the list above, you can see that there are few limitations when it comes to screen printing. This type of process involves printing ink onto an item, and since it’s flexible and doesn’t need to be done under pressure, it can be used on items like wood, glass, plastic and metal. We always recommend screen printing for customers who have a large quantity of items that need to be done on a budget. Screen printing is cost-effective, fast, has little risk and leaves room for endless colors and designs.

Even though screen printing is adaptable, it’s best when used on items that are flat. This makes the transfer process easier and more accurate. You must also be flexible with screen printing. It’s high quality and durable, but it won’t have the same detailed work as something that is embroidered. It’s also possible that the ink may bleed, so there are some items that are better left to other techniques.

If you’re not sure if your promotional item can benefit from screen printing, contact our company to learn more about our available services.


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