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August 30, 2013

Why Choose Embroidered Promotional Items

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Screen printing is an excellent option for tees, totes and other items because it is cost-effective, fast and delivers great results. If you’re looking for another option for personalization, you may find that embroidery is a better fit. Let’s take a look at the advantages to embroidered sportswear, which can be purchased from Great Atlantic Outfitters, along with screen printed items.

Advantages to Embroidered Items

High-Quality: Embroidery leaves an impressive design that other types of printing and personalization can’t replicate. It looks tasteful, sophisticated and high-class, giving a stylish edge to the products that are embroidered.

Versatile: Many items can be embroidered, including curtains, linens, blankets and handkerchiefs. Where other types of printing are limited to clothing and tote bags, embroidery is sophisticated enough that it can be used for other items. This is an advantage if you want to hand out unique promotional items.

Brand Recognition: If you’re looking for brand recognition, embroidered items are an excellent way to achieve this. It will set your brand apart from others and show that your business isn’t afraid to spend extra money to make their customers happy.

Unlimited Designs: There are limitations with other types of printing based on the complexity of the logo and the colors used. Embroidery, on the other hand, has no limitations. There are excellent software programs on the market that will allow a specific design or pattern to be created, and machine embroidery will execute it perfectly.

Personalization: Nothing is better than having your initials or company name stitched on an embroidered design. This is exactly what you get with embroidery, as it leaves room to customize the designs as you wish.

Durability: Some types of printing are more vulnerable than others; for instance, certain inks used in screen printing cannot be ironed over. Embroidery is very durable and can be washed, dried and ironed. The print will still continue to look like new, and because of this, your dollar will go further.

Although embroidery is more expensive than screen printing, it may fit a particular marketing effort. Embroidery doesn’t have to be used on all products, for example, but it can be used on items that are handed out at more elite events, such as golf outings. Also, with improved software and machinery, embroidery delivers fast results.


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