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November 21, 2014

How to Design a Fundraiser for Your Organization

How to Design a Fundraiser for Your Organization

Often times we look at promotional materials like calendars or bags and we think of giveaways. But what about using something tailored towards your organization as a fundraising opportunity? Great Atlantic Outfitters has worked with a wide variety of schools, civic groups, charities, and churches to brand a number of different products with unique logos for fundraising. You might be surprised at how cost-effective a personalized fundraiser can really be.

Decide on a Goal

Before you plan a fundraiser, make sure you have a clear and concise goal. What are you fundraising for (a trip, general funds, etc), how exactly will the raised money be used, and what is the minimum amount you hope to raise? You’ll want to have clear answers to share with those you are soliciting later in your fundraising efforts.

Choose a Logo or Design

Branding a product with a logo for sale in a fundraiser doesn’t have to result in a boring item. You might want to use your organization’s main corporate logo, but you might also find that having a special logo designed for your event is more effective. For example, if you are fundraising for a group of children to go on a special trip, you might design something that represents the group or the destination, including the date of your special event. People are often proud to show that they’ve supported a specific, worthy cause.

Choose a Product

T-shirts are incredibly common fundraising tools and you can often get them printed with very little overhead, but you will also have to consider sizing. You can either have shirts printed and hope they sell (no guarantees there) or take the chance of running a sale with pre-orders and delivery after they are printed.

It might be simpler to choose a one-size-fits-all product to brand for your fundraiser. Backpacks, tote bags, sports bottles, and calendars are all things that can be easily customized, printed for a small price, and marked up for a profit for sale at local events. You can be incredibly creative in this regard, too. Outdoor blankets would make a great fundraising item for cheerleading and sports teams, where parents spend a lot of time outside in the cold. First aid kits might be great for youth organizations who promote preparedness. Think outside the box.

Set parameters for your fundraiser and map out your goals. You should have deadlines for design, contracting with a printer, taking orders, collecting money, and final distribution of your fundraising product.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to learn about our tried and true fundraising systems. We’ll do our best to help you create the most cost-effective and successful campaign possible.

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