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August 19, 2014

Tips for a Successful Fundraising Program

Fundraisers are a great opportunity to raise money for a particular purpose. At Great Atlantic Outfitters, we help customers create strong fundraising programs that raise money and encourage everyone to have fun! Not only can we help you with your fundraiser, but also we have some of the best promotional products that can be used as rewards, incentives and handouts.

Here are tips for creating a fundraising program that works for your great cause!

Choose a Unique Event

Once you determine what you are raising money for, decide how you will do it. A fundraising event should be dedicated to the cause so that people can come together and raise awareness. When deciding on an event, also consider the amount of help you have and the location where the event will be held. This will impact what you can do. Ideas include:

  • Silent auction

  • Food and entertainment


  • Raffle

  • Bake sale/homemade meals

  • Karaoke

  • Car wash

  • Cook off

Spread the News

With social media, it’s easier than ever before to let people know about your event. If you’re selling tickets to get into the event, make it clear where the money is going and what it will be used for. Otherwise, let people know how you will be raising donations at the event, such as by selling homemade goods or playing games. In addition to social media, you can hang up flyers at local businesses, place an ad in the newspaper and send home newsletters from school, church, etc.

Use Promotional Items

You want everyone to have fun at your event and remember that they are supporting a great cause, so setting up a subtle donation box can be enough to raise additional money. You can also use promotional items as rewards for participating in games, prizes for raffles and so on. Popular promotional items include silicone bracelets, car decals and screen printed t-shirts. These items will leave the event and continue to promote your cause, leading to more awareness and donations after the event.

Setting up a fundraising program doesn’t have to be difficult. Great Atlantic Outfitters has tried-and-true methods that work, so let us help with your next event!

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