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May 28, 2013

Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Items

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Do you ever wonder who the top buyers for promotional items are? Promotional items are practical and cost-effective, but some markets use them more than others. Let’s take a look at the top ten buyers for promotional items and how they use these products to expand their industry.

1. Education – Whether it’s welcoming students back to school, showing appreciation for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week or displaying school spirit, promotional items are a real hit for schools and universities across the country.

2. Financial – When it comes to finances, promotional items have it all. From piggy banks to money-filled pens, promotional items come in handy for banks, loan officers and other financial institutions.

3. Not-for-Profit Organizations – Since non-profit organizations are not government-funded, it’s important that they are well supported by the community. A great way to publicize the organization and its mission is to use marketing items at events and fundraisers.

4. Healthcare – Even the healthcare industry needs support at times. Promotional items are great for recruiting patients and showing appreciation for staff members.

5. Construction – Advertising tools can help those in the construction industry because these individuals are often self-employed and don’t have much time to market their services. Promotional items such as flashlights and wearables can proudly display the name of the construction company for instant brand awareness.

6. Trade and Professional – Be prepared for trade shows and other events with items like banners, signs, trade show signs and polo shirts for booth members.

7. Real Estate – Promotional items for real estate are an effective way to market your company or yourself, if you are self-employed. From calendars to magnets to pens, these items can be mailed out to prospective buyers and sellers in the area.

8. Government – Advertising products are great tools for local, state and federal agencies that depend on these products to represent their organization and their commitment to people across the globe.

9. Professionals – From doctors to lawyers to CPAs, these professionals can use marketing products to recruit new patients or clients and market the name of their practice.

10. Restaurants and Bars – What better way to let people in the local area know that you’ve opened a new restaurant than with a fun promotional item, such as a magnet, pen or drink coaster?

Advertising products are fun and unique and can be part of a successful marketing strategy for all industries.


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