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August 20, 2013

Top 10 Promotional Items for the Fall

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It seems like just yesterday we were all anxiously awaiting the official start of summer, and now we’re getting ready for the fall months. Maybe the weather won’t be changing that much in our sunny state, but kids will be going back to school and the days will be getting shorter very soon. It’s true – fall is right around the corner!

For businesses and organizations, it’s time to start planning for fun, unique and fresh ideas for the fall season. Let’s take a look at the top 10 promotional items for the upcoming months.

1. Koozies

Koozies, or can coolers, are definitely popular for the summer months, but they are still appreciated during the fall. Why? Football season of course! Koozies are great for tailgating, especially before a Jacksonville Jaguars game.

2. Umbrellas

Fall has unpredictable weather, and Florida is known for our impromptu rains. Umbrellas are great to take with on the go, and just think of all the free marketing your business will get since umbrellas are always used outside of the home.

3. Travel Blankets

Picnics, fall festivals or outdoor concerts are all made happier with a roll-up blanket. These blankets are primarily used outside the home, making them great marketing tools. They’re also perfect for camping trips and other fall events, and they come in an assortment of fun colors.

4. Quad/Captain Chairs

Did we mention that we love football? Quad and captain chairs are great for tailgating, outdoor concerts, t-ball games and beach days. They’re useful throughout the entire year, and they come in plenty of cool colors to represent your label.

5. Rain Gauge

Do you ever wonder how much rain the last cloud brought in?  A rain cone can help keep tabs on the quantity of rain your household is getting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sprinkle or an afternoon of rain; these gauges are always fun to use, and they may save you from having to water your fall mums!

6. Stadium Cushion

People hate having to sit on the cold bleachers while watching a football or soccer game, which is why a comfortable, spongy stadium cushion comes in handy. Other people will certainly be wondering where they can get their hands on a cushion – another great way to market your brand!


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